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Wrapped Up

16 16 DLP

Time can knit friendships together, but what happens when the same hand in the face of identity, perspective and boundaries threatens to tear them apart. Lola and Naledi have spent a multitude of their lives as one, and now at 21 on the anniversary of the death of Lola’s mother, things take an unexpected turn when Naledi follows through with a life-changing decision and each in their own way is unsure of where or how Lola fits in. Part 1 directed by Beth Ribeiro will explore Lola’s perspective and Part 2 directed by Shari Mwanika will explore Naledi’s perspective.

Tags: Drama, South African, Social + Cultural, Friendship

Starring: Francis Sholto-Douglas and Grace Matetoa

Directed by: Shari Mwanika and Beth Ribeiro